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MG - ZZ Gundam VerKa

By Bandai

Price: KD 27.000

Laputa Castle in the Sky - Robot Soldier (Com...

By Finemolds

Price: KD 15.000

1/700 Future Boy Conan No.01 Gigant

By Aoshima

Price: KD 15.000

S.O.C GX-73 Great Mazinger D.C. "Great Mazing...

By Bandai

Price: KD 59.000

1/24 NISSAN KPGC10 Skyline HT2000GT-R '71

By Aoshima

Price: KD 15.000

1/24 NISSAN Fairlady 240ZL

By Fujimi

Price: KD 15.000

1/144 Super Robot Wars OG RTX-011AMB Huckebei...

By Kotobukiya

Price: KD 32.500

1/35 German Panzer III Ausf.L - w/Rommel And ...

By Tamiya

Price: KD 17.500

1/16 13th German Mountain Trooper 'Handschar'

By Dragon

Price: KD 15.000

G.E.M. Series - NARUTO Shippuden: Kakashi Hat...

By Megahouse

Price: KD 45.000

Dragon Ball Z - D.O.D - Super Saiyan Son Goko...

By Megahouse

Price: KD 30.000

4 Inch Nel - Mega Man Battle Network

By Sentinel

Price: KD 22.500

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